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BasicPawn for SourcePawn

BasicPawn is a very lightweight and basic SourcePawn Editor that uses dynamic Autocompletion and IntelliSense like any other IDE or Advanced Editor. It supports SourcePawn, Transitional SourcePawn and even AMX Mod X. BasicPawn also has some special features like the simple debugger to debug your plugins and the plugin system to create your own BasicPawn plugins.

Lightwight & Portable

BasicPawn is a very lightweight editor with a size of a few megabytes. 

Autocomplete & IntelliSense

Like most IDE's and editors, BasicPawn supports autocompletion and IntelliSense too
(Including methodmaps and variable autocompletion support).


(Not yet implanted / Planed)

You can use the toolbox to access stuff even faster.
Generate code (e.g menus, panels, hooks, etc.), view game hooks, view netprops, and more.


Write your own plugins using .NET Framework to add more functionality to BasicPawn.
Show all offical plugins.


(Possible design changes)

To make sure your code is running as it should be, you can use the BasicPawn debugger to debug your code.
Use breakpoints, watch values, set values, caught exceptions and more.


Create your own configs for every situation.
Set different compilers, input and output folders and more.